About our company

Crestwood Pest Control is a family owned and operated professional pest control company focused on solving the toughest pest problems found in and around the St. Louis area. Tim Leaver and his son, Dan, are passionate about this business and are dedicated to ensuring that every single customer receives excellent service. This business has been running for 50+ years. Tim and Dan took over the business  from Donna Schmidt, a family friend, and they are now running the business in the same professional manor.  Tim and Dan work collaboratively with the primary goal of exceeding expectations. They have both mastered the skill of actively listening to customers’ concerns, allowing them to not only tend to and resolve issues, but also allowing them to provide education, advice, and preventative measures. In their opinion, pest control goes beyond just going in and taking care of the problem. They want to make sure that you have a smile on your face when they leave your house. In fact, they make this a priority.


With Crestwood Pest Control, you aren’t getting a stranger coming in to handle your pest control needs, you are getting a friendly, familiar face. This is what makes Crestwood Pest Control so special. You are getting more than your pest control needs met.

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If you are not satisfied with the service, we won’t hesitate to come back to make things right. We are that serious about customer service!